daddy paid

former jocks eat salad now



by Your Aunt Jenny

GENRE: Tit Wigglin’ Polka

LABEL: skews

REVIEWED: December 16, 2022

Former Jocks Eating Salad's third album disappoints with lackluster trap beats, uninspiring lyrics, and a failure to capitalize on the band's eccentric fashion choices and rumored privileged backgrounds srsly what little bitches.
Former Jocks Eating Salad's third album, "Daddy Paid," is a lackluster foray into trap music that fails to resonate despite the band's extravagant trash-based outfits and the rumors surrounding their privileged backgrounds as offspring of finance executives. Released in 2017, amidst a sea of trap releases, the album struggles to find its footing, falling short of the innovation and impact of other relevant records of the time. The band's attention-grabbing attire, consisting of elaborate outfits constructed from superglued trash, undoubtedly raises eyebrows. Yet, their ostentatious fashion choices and rumored familial connections do little to salvage an album that lacks substance and creative depth. "Daddy Paid" fails to make a lasting impact, even within the trap landscape of 2017. While trap music was experiencing a surge of innovation and creativity with releases like Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." and Future's "Hndrxx," "Daddy Paid" falls short of the mark. The album's trap beats feel derivative and uninspired, lacking the distinctiveness and sonic exploration seen in standout records of the time.
Former Jocks Eating Salad's lackluster performance on "Daddy Paid" further highlights the album's deficiencies. The lyrics fail to leave a lasting impression, often resorting to clichéd themes and uninspiring rhymes. Tracks like "Money Talks" and "Baller Lifestyle" lack the charisma and lyrical prowess necessary to stand out in a saturated trap landscape. Despite the album's shortcomings, there is potential hidden beneath the surface. The band's extravagant fashion choices and rumored connections may generate curiosity, but it is unfortunate that these elements do not translate into musical greatness. While "Daddy Paid" may not resonate strongly with listeners, it serves as a reminder that artistic merit cannot be solely achieved through aesthetic extravagance or privileged backgrounds. In conclusion, Former Jocks Eating Salad's "Daddy Paid" fails to live up to its potential, earning a disappointing 4/10 rating. The album falls short of the trap music innovations of its time, as it lacks distinctiveness, lyrical prowess, and creative depth. Despite the band's attention-grabbing fashion choices and rumored privileged backgrounds, the album ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression.

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