gr8 songs, shit mixes

triplets of wendu



by fred pooperson

GENRE: New wave ish

LABEL: Chevron

REVIEWED: December 16, 2022

Triplets of Wendu's acceptable fifth album presents an engaging collection of infectious new wave tracks, hindered by frustrating mixing quality, resulting in a rollercoaster listening experience.
Triplets of Wendu's fifth album, "gr8 songs, shit mixes," presents a paradoxical listening experience as the band delivers engaging and catchy new wave songs that are hampered by an unfortunate mixing quality, creating a rollercoaster ride of sonic highs and lows. Released in 2019, amidst a wave of groundbreaking new wave records, the album finds its place with its strong songwriting, despite the frustrating technical shortcomings. Within the realm of new wave, where artists like New Order and The Cure were pushing the boundaries, "gr8 songs, shit mixes" showcases Triplets of Wendu's knack for crafting infectious and danceable tracks. Songs like "Synthpop Symphony" and "Neon Nights" capture the essence of the genre, with catchy hooks and pulsating rhythms that demand attention. However, the album's biggest downfall lies in its mixing quality, as the band fails to capture the true essence of their captivating songwriting. The unfortunate result is a sonic landscape that feels muddled and lacking in clarity. The potential brilliance of tracks such as "Retro Revolution" and "New Wave Delight" is overshadowed by the frustrating mixing choices, hindering the overall impact of the album.
While "gr8 songs, shit mixes" falls short of the groundbreaking releases of the time, such as The 1975's "A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships" or Tame Impala's "The Slow Rush," Triplets of Wendu's songwriting prowess still shines through. Their ability to create memorable hooks and engaging melodies sets them apart, leaving a strong impression despite the technical setbacks. It's worth noting that the album's title, "gr8 songs, shit mixes," serves as an ironic indicator of the band's awareness of their shortcomings. While the mixing quality may frustrate listeners, it is evident that the Triplets of Wendu possess the talent and creativity to deliver outstanding songs. The album becomes a journey of highs and lows, where the brilliance of the compositions battles against the limitations of the mixing. In the end, "gr8 songs, shit mixes" is an album that tantalizes with its infectious new wave melodies while simultaneously frustrating with its disappointing mixing quality. With a 7.3/10 rating, it falls short of its full potential due to technical setbacks. However, the strength of the songwriting alone makes it worth a listen for fans of the genre, as Triplets of Wendu's ability to craft engaging and memorable tracks is undeniable, even in the face of sonic challenges.

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