Hacky Sack

Drug Stuff



by fred pooperson

GENRE: jam band

LABEL: Dorkenstock

REVIEWED: December 16, 2022

Hacky Sack is a fucking mesmerizing fusion of jam band sensibilities and shamanic explorations, championing environmental activism and protesting against the wastefulness of technology giants, and creating a captivating and spiritually enlightening journey.
Prepare to embark on a transcendental odyssey with Drug Stuffs and their experimental album, "Hacky Sack." Released in 2021 amidst a vibrant music landscape, this album stands as a remarkable fusion of jam band sensibilities and shamanic explorations, earning a well-deserved 8 out of 10 rating. Drawing influence from revered jam bands like Phish, Drug Stuffs sets out to carve their own path in the realm of improvisational music. "Hacky Sack" offers a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, blending eclectic instrumentation, hypnotic grooves, and intricate melodies that resonate with fans of the genre. The album's ability to capture the essence of jam band spirit while infusing it with a unique shamanic energy sets it apart from other relevant records of the time. Beyond the freaky ass sonic landscape, Drug Stuffs champions environmental activism and protests against the wastefulness and psychological damage perpetuated by technology giants like DikDok. This infusion of purpose adds depth to their musical expression, elevating the album's significance beyond mere notes and rhythms. It serves as a sonic protest, channeling the band's beliefs into a transcendent experience for the listener.
"Hacky Sack" presents a cohesive blend of introspective compositions and sprawling improvisational journeys that resonate with fans of the jam band genre. Tracks like "Earth Chants" and "Digital Detox" showcase Drug Stuffs' ability to intertwine shamanic elements with immersive jams, capturing the essence of their environmental activism and reflecting the urgent need for human connection in a technology-driven world. In the context of 2021's music landscape, "Hacky Sack" stands tall among the ranks of other relevant records. While it shares similarities with jam band classics like Phish's "A Live One," Drug Stuffs infuse their unique shamanic spirit into each track, creating a distinct identity that sets them apart from their peers. With "Hacky Sack," Drug Stuffs invites listeners to embark on a sonic pilgrimage, exploring the mystical realms of jam band fusion. Through their music and environmental activism, they challenge societal norms and invite introspection, reminding us of the power of nature and human connection. It is an 8 out of 10 journey, both musically captivating and spiritually enlightening, that leaves a lasting impression on those who dare to listen.

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