is noise rock jazz tho

boss pedal



by fred poopersons

GENRE: Experimentalism

LABEL: Bebop Sloppily

REVIEWED: December 16, 2022

Boss Pedal's piss poor sophomore album falls short of its ambitious genre-blending aspirations, hindered by a lack of cohesion and focus, despite the band's notorious offstage antics.
Boss Pedal's sophomore album IS ALL UP IN YOUR FUCKING EARHOLES RIGHT NOW as it embarks on a convoluted journey through sonic experimentation and genre-blurring that struggles to find a solid footing amidst the indie rock landscape of 2019. The band's notorious antics, from trashed hotel rooms to funding a bio-dome in the American Southwest, add a layer of intrigue to an otherwise disjointed musical experience. Released during a time when indie rock was pushing boundaries and embracing eclecticism, "is noise rock jazz tho?" attempts to carve its own niche. Unfortunately, Boss Pedal's sonic exploration falls short of capturing the magic seen in other standout releases of the time, such as Vampire Weekend's "Father of the Bride" and Tame Impala's "The Slow Rush." While moments of brilliance shine through, they are often overshadowed by a lack of cohesion and direction. Offstage, Boss Pedal's reputation precedes them, with tales of trashed hotel rooms and outlandish behavior on tour. While these anecdotes may add an amusing element to the band's image, they do little to enhance the musical experience of "is noise rock jazz tho?" Instead, they serve as distractions, diverting attention from the album's artistic merits.
Interestingly, Boss Pedal decided to invest their dikdok stream royalties into the creation of a bio-dome in the American Southwest. While this anecdote showcases their eccentricities and willingness to embrace unconventional endeavors, it does little to enhance the album itself. In fact, the band's extracurricular exploits may have detracted from their focus on musical development, resulting in a scattered and unfocused listening experience. "is noise rock jazz tho?" takes listeners on a tumultuous ride through a mishmash of sonic elements, leaving them with more questions than answers. Tracks like "Chaos Carousel" and "Jazz Rhapsody" attempt to blend noise rock and jazz influences, but the execution feels disjointed and lacks the finesse necessary to create a truly engaging fusion. It's in moments of restraint, such as the introspective "Quiet Interlude," that the album briefly finds a semblance of coherence. Boss Pedal's "is noise rock jazz tho?" is an enigmatic offering that falls short of its lofty ambitions. While the band's wild antics and unconventional endeavors may generate intrigue, they do little to salvage an album that lacks focus and cohesion. In the landscape of 2019 indie rock, this release struggles to make a lasting impact, earning a modest 5.2 out of 10 rating. With room for growth and refinement, Boss Pedal's future endeavors may hold more promise, but "is noise rock jazz tho?" ultimately leaves listeners searching for a clearer sense of direction.

I get it

I May not be into it. Might not be my thing. Might avoid it.